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Create new ZeroNet site

Easy way: Using the web interface

  • Click on > "Create new, empty site" menu item on the site ZeroHello.
  • You will be redirected to a completely new site that is only modifiable by you!
  • You can find and modify your site's content in data/[yoursiteaddress] directory
  • After the modifications open your site, drag the topright "0" button to left, then press sign and publish buttons on the bottom

Manual way: Using the command line

Note: If you are using pre-boundled ZeroNet distribution, then in place of you need to use ./ (Linux), lib/ZeroNet.cmd (Windows), (macOS)

1. Create site structure

  • Shut down ZeroNet if it is running
  • Browse to the folder where ZeroNet is installed and run:
$ siteCreate
- Site private key: 23DKQpzxhbVBrAtvLEc2uvk7DZweh4qL3fn3jpM3LgHDczMK2TtYUq
- Site address: 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2
- Site created!
  • This will create the initial files for your site inside data/13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2.

2. Build/Modify site

  • Update the site files located in data/[your site address key] (eg: 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2).
  • When your site is ready run:
$ siteSign 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2
- Signing site: 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2...
Private key (input hidden):
  • Enter the private key you got when you created the site. This will sign all files so peers can verify that the site owner is who made the changes.

3. Publish site changes

  • In order to inform peers about the changes you made you need to run:
$ sitePublish 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2
Site:13DNDk..bhC2 Publishing to 3/10 peers...
Site:13DNDk..bhC2 Successfuly published to 3 peers
- Serving files....
  • That's it! You've successfully signed and published your modifications.
  • Your site will be accessible from: http://localhost:43110/13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2

Next steps: ZeroNet Developer Documentation