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Coding standards if you want to collaborate to ZeroNet

  • Follow PEP8
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Premature optimization is the root of all evil


  • ClassNames: Capitalized, CamelCased
  • functionNames: starts with lowercase, camelCased
  • variable_names: lowercased, under_scored


  • file_path: File path realtive to working dir (data/17ib6teRqdVgjB698T4cD1zDXKgPqpkrMg/css/all.css)
  • inner_path: File relative to site dir (css/all.css)
  • file_name: all.css
  • file: Python file object
  • privatekey: Private key for the site (without _)

Source files directories and naming

  • One class per file is preferred
  • Source file name and directory comes from ClassName: WorkerManager class = Worker/